5150 came to our rescue when another company wanted to charge us 4100 for repairs (silly). Awesome gentleman that helped us. He was very concerned about closing doors(we have cats). And helping us with our problem. When others tried to take advantage he delivered an answer with respect. Thank you!

Polite, honest and attention to detail!
Finally an honest company that won't rip you off or sell you what you don't need!
High quality product and work you can count on!

Louie Kirk

Best and most honest person I know

Diane Corey

Always willing to help us out! Goes above and beyond!

Courtney Eisenach Whipps

just finished up fixing my central air unit. very professional and efficient. took the time to look up my system before traveling to me in hopes had the correct parts. Definitely recommend him to anyone. and as a bonus great rates

Sue Green

Did very nice work and was very friendly. Got the job done very quickly.

Terry Gifford